Michelle Boyle

By August 8, 2023Featured Artists

Michelle Boyle is an artist living and working in the lake-filled landscape of Cavan, Ireland with a developing base in India where her birth father was from. She works in painting and drawing, more recently using video, installation and the written word as part of her creative practice.

Michelle swims year-round in her local lake and this immersive experience has led to her to consider the living agency of fresh water in the landscape and to ask

‘What water would say if it could speak to us?’

Michelle approaches this question from the intersection of art and the geohumanities informed by her academic background in Cultural Anthropology (BA) and Landscape Archaeology (MA). She is involved in community conversations with water custodians including ‘Conversations from the lake ‘ within her rural landscape and ‘Conversations from the fountain’ in an urban context at IMMA Dublin with the Earth Rising Festiva

She is interested and has written on the ceremony and material culture of water veneration including water diving which is still practiced in her locality.



I find you
In a dropping tear to Mare’s Island
In the ebb and flow of a Martian stream
In the fizzled pop of lunar dust
As old as earth unborn
You find me

Michelle Boyle