Giana Pilar González

By August 1, 2020November 9th, 2020Featured Artists

I work at the intersection of art and commerce, digital and analog, personal identity and dominant cultural systems, creating experiences and exchanges that invite everyday people to deconstruct and reinvent the systems they encounter.

In Agua de Carnaval, I investigate, through the lens of cultural identity, the consumption of water in Panama, water being a critical element of Panama’s history, economy, culture and geo-politics. Audiences contributed reflections and insights to the piece, through a process of collective research. This work builds upon Hacking Couture (2006-present), in which audience participation is a key element in open sourcing and rethinking fashion. The methods created for Hacking Couture have been used as a teaching methodology, with coursework developed based on it  (Veritas University in Costa Rica, University of Gothenburg in Sweden).

My approach is fueled by consistently iterating, extreme curiosity and fearless commitment. These qualities allow me to incorporate multiple disciplines and collaborations (from painters to musicians to software engineers). I’ve had the honor of being awarded prestigious artist residencies at Atlantic Center for the Arts (twice), the Pittsburgh Glass Center and to exhibit at the Milan Design Week, MIT, Panama Fashion Week, and Eyebeam.

Giana Pilar González