Leila Daw

By May 30, 2020November 9th, 2020Featured Artists

We are 60 percent water; Earth’s surface is 71 percent water; while water sustains us, and even IS us, our carelessness can turn it into an agent of our destruction.  Throughout my working life, I’ve done performances, political activities, and skywriting about water and it’s importance our species and to the planet as a whole.  Currently, I’m an image-maker, concerned with rivers as the veins and lifelines of the planet, and seas as the vast, living repositories of time, memory, the detritus of our habitation, as well as an embodiment of existential terror. I’m using iridescent textural materials — beads, tapestry threads, foil refuse — to suggest the physicality and reflective quality of water, beautiful, threatening, and threatened.