Anna Macleod

By April 17, 2020November 9th, 2020Featured Artists

I am currently working on a long-term research and exhibition project that examines the politics, traditions and practices surrounding water in a variety of global locations. The ambition for the project is to tease out the commonalities, local problems and interlinked futures of the so-called global north and south in the management and consumption of finite water resources.

WATER CONVERSATIONS is the umbrella term for this ongoing series of projects. The projects address issues of water through political, social and cultural lenses and aims to build an alternative global commons map through water. Articulated as a series of actions, small sculptures, posters, drawings, sound works, public interventions and site specific works the project explores the complex interstices between landscape and geopolitics, science and technology, culture and tradition.

WATER CONVERSATIONS has been structured as a mobile project that initiates local discussions, interviews, and exchanges on the politics, traditions and practices surrounding water use in a variety of global regions. To date projects have been realized in Ghana, West Africa: a variety of locations through Northern India, Colorado, USA, Ireland and Gobi Desert, Mongolia, with research projects continuing in Spain, Australia and Ireland.

My projects do not seek to offer solutions to water problems but to engage with questions and questioning and to propose platforms for change within an interdisciplinary framework of research.