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Think About Water: Exquisite River

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Opening Reception Sunday April 14, 2024, 1-3 pm

Exquisite River is a collaborative installation created by members of the Think About Water collective (TAW). TAW includes over 30 environmental artists/activists in the US and abroad whose work addresses global water issues. Exquisite River is composed of 19 works of art evoking rivers. The images are connected to one another to form one continuous flowing river—a river of images of rivers.

For the exhibition at ECOCA, the 19 artists were inspired by the format of the Surrealist Exquisite Corpse game, in which one artist drew a head, folded the paper so it could not be seen, passed it to another artist who drew the next part of the body, and so on until the paper was unfolded to reveal the whole figure. In the spirit of artistic play and mimicking the fluid nature of rivers, the TAW collective has created an Exquisite River.

For the exhibition, each artist created a section of a river in his or her own studio using their distinctive materials, processes and intentions and without seeing other artists’ contributions. The sections were then assembled into one long river that winds across the gallery walls. The goal of the exhibition is to bring awareness to the importance of rivers to the health of the environment and to encourage visitors to appreciate a river in their own lives.

Personal stories about each of the rivers represented in the exhibition, along with information about the artwork, bios of the artists, and links to their websites are available in a digital catalog accompanying the show.

Contributing Artists: Michelle Boyle, Diane Burko, Betsy Damon, Leila Daw, Rosalyn Driscoll, Susan Hoffman Fishman, Doug Fogelson, Fredericka Foster, Giana Gonzalez, Fritz Horstman, Basia Irland, Sant Khalsa, Stacy Levy, Jaanika Peerna, Ilana Manolson, Aviva Rahmani, Lisa Reindorf, Meridel Rubinstein, Leslie Sobel, Naoe Suzuki.

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Anonymous Was a Woman and New York Foundation for the Arts

$309,000 Awarded to 20 Projects Led by Women-Identifying Artists in the United States and U.S. Territories

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Anonymous Was A Woman (AWAW) and The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) have announced the recipients of the Anonymous Was A Woman Environmental Art Grants (AWAW EAG) program, which provides one-time grants of up to $20,000 to support environmental art projects led by women-identifying artists from the United States and U.S. territories. In the 2023 cycle, the second year of the program, a total of $309,000 in grant funding was awarded to 20 projects that will focus on environmental issues and advocacy in locations including Belize, Southern Iraq, Mongolia, New York, Pennsylvania, Tierra del Fuego, West Virginia, and Washington. The 20 projects were selected from 884 applications from artists who reside in the United States and U.S. Territories.

Meridel Rubenstein’s Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden Project: Inanna Returns to the Marshes as a Mosaic (El-Chibayish, Southern Iraq) will bring ceramic relief tiles referencing Inanna, the Mesopotamian Goddess of Flood and Fertility, to the three main arched entrances of the Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden in Southern Iraq. Rubenstein imagines the feminine earth-based tile imagery mitigating the 20 year-old effect of the US war effort in Iraq, like the garden flora cleaning waste.

Anonymous Was a Woman and New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Announce 2023 Environmental Art Grants Recipients


A Celebration of Water – The Rivers Exhibition Closing

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The Garrison Institute invites you to join us for a Celebration and Closing Event for the Rivers Exhibition.

On Sunday  October 1st, Rivers, an exhibition hosted by the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY will be open to the public 2 PM to 5 PM with performances by Jaanika Peerna and Stephanie Diamond.  The Hudson River has a gift for each visitor designed by Fredericka Foster and Emily Harris.

Please join us for this special FREE public event where you can

  • view the exhibition and meet the artists
  • participate in movement experience
  • take part in a water ritual
  • meet fellow lovers of water

This is the last chance to see the exhibition curated by Fredericka Foster and to meet artists from the collective Think About Water. Rosalyn Driscoll, Doug Fogelson, Basia Irland, Ellen Kozak, Kelsey Leonard, Stacy Levy, Lauren Rosenthal McManus, Jaanika Peerna, and Meridel Rubenstein.

All the artists belong to Think About Water, a collective of ecological artists and activists who interpret, celebrate, and defend water. These artists have experienced the effect of environmental degradation as well as the transformative power of art; they have chosen water as their subject matter or medium.


2023 River Warriors

By Artist News

Rivers are our Earth’s arteries

They are lifelines for millions of people, animals and ecosystems –
and all of them ultimately lead to the ocean.

Our seas and oceans have no choice but to receive what rivers bring them, and in the modern world that often includes toxins, heavy metals, raw sewage, plastic waste … whatever moving water picks up on its journey.

Which is why we are celebrating these brave River Warriors who dedicate themselves to protecting, defending and recognising our precious river systems.

From Fredericka:

I am pleased to join Think About Water Artists Basia Irland, Kelsey Leonard, Meridel Rubenstein, and Stacy Levy as a River Warrior, this honor given to us by the Lewis Pugh Foundation.

Learn more about the River Warriors program



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In the following over 200 pages of contributions by more than 100 artists / ecoartspace members, there are also manifestos, essays, and simple how-to acts of love and kindness to consider. We invite our readers to find inspiration from this handbook, which presents the creative care of our members. This compilation is an ecoartspace manifesto with knowledge sharing at its core to help contribute to making the world a better place.

Learn more about The Earthkeepers Handbook

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The Rivers Exhibition at the Garrison Institute

By Artist News

The Garrison Institute held an art exhibition, public open house on Saturday, April 29, 2023

The exhibit featured the work of Paz Perlman and artists from the Think About Water collective – all critically acclaimed artists known for their powerful bodies of work that grapple with today’s most profound societal and environmental challenges. The exhibition promised to be a thought-provoking and visually stunning experience.

Perlman and Foster’s projects harness the intersection of art, ecology, and meditation to deepen the viewers’ sense of connection, awareness, and responsibility towards the environment – and to hopefully ignite action. Their art recently provided the impactful visual element to the Garrison Institute’s 2023 Pathways to Planetary Health Symposium, which united scientists, economists, ethicists, communicators, and leaders from across fields to share ideas that lead to tangible altruistic and environmental action.
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“In the Beginning There Was Only Water,” by Joan Sullivan

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Delighted to share the wonderful review of my current solo exhibition, “In the Beginning There Was Only Water,” by Joan Sullivan in the international blog, Artists and Climate Change. The exhibition is up until Dec. 19 at the Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT. Three more weeks to see it! 

I will be giving a Zoom Artist’s Talk on Friday, December 3 at 6:00 pm. Go to the gallery website at to register.


Think About Water Exhibition Review

By Artist News

Thinking About Water on World Water Day

Susan Hoffman Fishman

Think About Water (TAW) is a collective of 28 international eco-artists and activists whose work addresses global water issues. The organization scheduled its first exhibition, also called “Think About Water,” to open on March 22, in commemoration of World Water Day. Originating in 1993, World Water Day celebrates water, calls attention to the 2.2 billion people around the world without access to clean water, and urges individuals to become engaged in efforts to combat the global water crisis. Similarly, the goal of TAW and its member artists is to “interpret, celebrate, and defend water.”

Read the full review at Artists and Climate Change