Sant Khalsa

By March 22, 2021Featured Artists

Many say that I am obsessed with water. I say, how can I not be? I live in the desert. I need water to survive. Water is a scarce natural resource that plays a critical role in the destiny of humanity and all flora and fauna. Water is beautiful, refreshing, and miraculous. We consume water to sustain our lives and immerse ourselves in water to cleanse our body and soul and awaken our spirit. Pure water is the universal solvent, yet polluted water is the carrier of disease and death. Water quality and scarcity have been a central focus of my work for more than three decades. Typical to my art practice and process, works evolve through in-depth research, personal experiences and my intimate interdependent relationship with nature.

I currently divide my creative time between the vast, fragile and threatened ecosystems of the Mojave Desert (where I live) and the San Bernardino Mountains (where I planted a forest in 1992), which inspire my photographic, sculptural and installation works as well as activism. My artworks are intended to create a contemplative space where one can sense the subtle and profound connections between themselves, our natural world and our constructed landscapes.