WATER JOURNEYS, Fredericka Foster and Giana Pilar Gonzalez

By March 24, 2020November 9th, 2020Featured Artists

We are embodied water, and yet when we think of who we are, we do not understand this critical fact. We need water as a baseline for our survival.   To perceive our oneness with water, we are exploring our own unconscious minds in order to understand the consciousness of water.   The idea that water is just a resource to profit from and abuse shows how detached we are from our mother earth.  We pollute, waste, and disregard water’s necessity for all of life.   To experience our intimacy with water, we have to return to our dreams, to spirituality and to art. As humans we are always trying to change, evolve, or present ourselves in different ways.  Water, on the other hand, changes states in a way that seems magical to us, and has much to teach us.   It is possible to think as water rather than about water.

Water helps create our culture and our memories through its inclusion in our cultural and spiritual traditions. We believe water is our equal. The element of water allows us to see our reflection in it, to see our human form. It serves us as a mirror. Water Journeys explores this idea through memory and mirrors, both real and metaphorical.  We use performance, video, and images that behave as Rorschach images through mirroring. We engage others to share their water journeys with the group using artistic means. As we explore our responses, we listen to the messages water has for each of us, and understand its critical role in our identity.

our websites: www.frederickafoster.com www.gianagonzalez.com

Water Journeys Fate Conference from Giana Pilar González on Vimeo.

Water Journeys – FATE 2019 Friday April 5th 4:45 -5:45pm from Giana Pilar González on Vimeo.