Fredericka Foster

By June 9, 2020December 26th, 2022Featured Artists

Painting, using tools of color and composition, can be an aid to societal change. Art accesses another way of knowing, and it takes both rationality and emotional connection to create lasting change.   I have been painting the surface of moving water for years; fascinated by its infinite variety; and its centrality to all of life. Visual art can bypass linear thinking.  Color directly affects the unconscious mind, and our emotions.  Game makers know that images are a form of direct mental targeting.  When the subject is water, that target can be our heart,  our sense of connection, and our intuition.

Our bodies are mostly water, and we are an intimate part of the hydrological cycle.  Think about this when you first awaken – we are all water filters.  We intrinsically know this, and that all life depends on water. Looking at water, or a painting of water, resonates emotionally in our bodies and minds, offering the possibility of thinking as water. @frederickafoster.

Fredericka Foster CV 12_2022