Diane Burko

By May 15, 2020 Featured Artists


My practice at the intersection of art, science and the environment targets issues of climate change. Thus, water is integral to this focus.

Throughout the many decades of my career, bodies of water, (primarily observed from above) have fascinated me – from oceans along the coasts of California, Maine, Nova Scotia to Europe and Iceland. Rivers have been another source of inspiration, most particularly in the 1980’s when working on the Waterways of Pennsylvania project. The Bayous of Louisiana, the Everglades of Florida, as well as the Geddes run creek on my Bucks County property have fed my photography and painting practice.

However, in the last 15 years, my water obsession has evolved into a more purposed study of frozen waters witnessed in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as the melting ice sheets of Greenland, Antarctica and Patagonia. The tropical waters of the Pacific Oceans, the home of most coral reefs are also sources of study as I continue to bring attention to the threats of climate change.

Diane Burko

April 30, 2020