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A Drum in One Hand, a Sockeye in the Other Book

A Drum in One Hand, a Sockeye in the Other by Charlotte Coté

By Artists Books

Stories of Indigenous Food Sovereignty from the Northwest Coast

In the dense rainforest of the west coast of Vancouver Island, the Somass River (c̓uumaʕas) brings sockeye salmon (miʕaat) into the Nuu-chah-nulth community of Tseshaht. C̓uumaʕas and miʕaat are central to the sacred food practices that have been a crucial part of the Indigenous community’s efforts to enact food sovereignty, decolonize their diet, and preserve their ancestral knowledge.

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Divining Chaos The Autobiography of an Idea by Aviva Rahmani

By Artists Books

A spirited memoir by artist Aviva Rahmani, offering a relatable narrative to discuss trigger point theory and the importance of eco-art activism.

Divining Chaos is an intimate personal memoir of unparalleled transparency into the moments in Rahmani’s life that shaped her as an artist and activist. Detailing the history that led her to two seminal projects—Ghost Nets, restoring a coastal town dump to flourishing wetlands, and The Blued Trees Symphony, which applied her premises to challenge natural gas pipelines with a novel legal theory about land use—Rahmani shares the decisions that shaped her life’s work and thinking. Her discussions about trigger point theory argue for how to predict, confront, and determine outcomes to the ecological challenges we face today.


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Sant Khalsa – Prana: Life with Trees

By Artists Books

Includes 174 reproductions of photographs, mixed media and installation works by Sant Khalsa; Introduction by Andi Campognone; Essays by Colin Westerbeck and Betty Ann Brown; and Interview by Patricia Watts.

Watersheds, trees and forests have been a focus in Sant Khalsa’s creative work for nearly five decades. The book Prana – Life with Trees is the first in depth survey of Khalsa’s intimate connection with trees – her explorations, observations, perceptions and interpretations. Her unique perspective is expressed through a style that encompasses the documentary, subjective and conceptual. Read More


Diane Burko: Seeing Climate Change

By Artists Books

Foreword by Jack Rasmussen. Text by Bill McKibben, Diane Burko, Norma Broude, Mary D. Garrard.

Burko’s scientifically informed abstractions extend the Romantic sublime to the era of climate catastrophe

Painter, photographer and climate activist Diane Burko (born 1945) has long been a prominent advocate for art’s role in addressing climate change. While continuing to engage the traditions of landscape painting, her increasingly abstract and large-scale images are layered with visual and scientific information about the urgent challenges posed to the planet.

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Water Talks by Betsy Damon

By Artists Books

Water Talks embraces water for the reality that it is the absolute center of existence, not a pipe nor dam, but the whirling, throbbing mover of life. For 35 years, Damon has committed herself as an artist, a community organizer, a designer and an educator of water in all its complexity. She has partnered with scientists, Indigenous leaders, government and corporate authorities, artists and citizens alike, weaving together the strengths of all into a powerful and collaborative force.

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Charlotte Coté

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Dr. Coté is the author of Spirits of Our Whaling Ancestors: Revitalizing Makah and Nuu-chah-nulth Traditions (UW Press, 2010). Her other publications include, “Indigenizing” Food Sovereignty. Revitalizing Indigenous Food Practices and Ecological Knowledges in Canada and the U.S.,” and “Food Sovereignty, Food Hegemony, and the Revitalization of Indigenous Whaling Practices” She is currently completing her next book that focuses on the revitalization of Indigenous food traditions and ancestral ecological knowledge.

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