Lauren Rosenthal McManus

By February 26, 2021Featured Artists

Ecology serves as the conceptual framework of my investigation and maps provide the visual language for my expression. I make prints, drawings, and sculptures that use watersheds as symbols of interconnectedness.

My process leads me into the landscape in multiple ways: walking into the woods and along stream banks awakens an immediate, sensory experience of place; composing images with spatial data provides an expansive and analytical geographic perspective; repetitive mark making opens a meditative path that offers insights gained through time spent with sustained focus. Together, these practices define my creative exploration about how we understand and imagine ourselves in relationship to the natural world.

My recent drawings are made using pigments derived from rocks and soil collected along lakes and streams; they are geographical blueprints layered with artifacts of a human connection to place. Lacking the markers by which we usually locate and navigate, these maps offer an opportunity to re-orient, to identify with and within the patterns of nature. By reframing boundaries and exposing vital bioregional relationships, these works highlight our inherent interdependence.