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Naoe Suzuki

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Flow is a community engagement and participatory art project created and directed by Naoe Suzuki, a visual artist based in the Boston area in Massachusetts, USA. 

This project began in 2015. In this project, Naoe asks participants to think about their relationships with water and type their stories using a manual typewriter. In exchange, participants get an original work of art with stories by other people that were retyped.  Read More

Rosalyn Driscoll

By Featured Artists

I explore the terrain of the body and the Earth by making sculptures, installations, collages and photographs that connect people to their senses, the elements, and the natural world. My interest in bodily experience and sensory perception led to making sculptures that integrate the sense of touch into their creation and exhibition; my book about this work, The Sensing Body in the Visual Arts, will be published this year by Bloomsbury. I project video onto and into my sculptures, transforming and animating the sculptures and giving body to the moving images; in a current sculpture-in-progress the projection screen is the viewer’s body. I’m collaborating with dancer/choreographer Paul Matteson to integrate my sculptures, my materials and his movement. I also work with water, developing an international art project on springs and groundwater—Water Serpent—and serving as dramaturg for a devised theater production on water—Moving Water.