The Think About Water website

Covid-19 can take some credit for this site. It felt necessary to all of us to do something positive in the face of this ongoing and frightening tragedy. It put paid to my procrastination in getting this going, and the artists I invited responded immediately. We have only gotten started, and if you do not see yourself represented, you will soon.

These artists have experienced the effect that art can have upon ordinary perception, and how it can open us to new ways of being. They have chosen water as their subject matter or medium. Nothing alive exists without water. Our bodies are mostly water, and our eyes are 95% water. It is no surprise that water has always called artists to it. These water journeys cover many disciplines. Through art, we can begin to think as water, rather than simply about it.

Think About Water is maintained by David Buchmueller at Please check out the artists who are making it live through their work. More information will be added to each of their contributions as time goes on, and the list of artists will grow.

Fredericka Foster