Fredericka Foster

Into the Deep

Stephen Maine

  In her synecdochic paintings of the restless surfaces of rivers, lakes and seas, Fredericka Foster construes water in motion as all that is vital to the living world. Those surfaces—whether turbulent, languid, or something between—recede into pictorial space as the viewer’s eye moves from the bottom edge of the painting toward the top, exerting a dynamic counterpoint to the picture plane itself. But whatever the character of the waves, ripples and eddies that fill the frame, they are...
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Carter Ratcliff - An Aqueous Cosmology: The Art of Fredericka Foster

Carter Ratcliff

Rhythms fill Fredericka Foster’s paintings of water. Or that is what I am tempted to say after a glance around a roomful of her paintings. Then, when I focus on a single canvas and look for its defining pattern, I see none—no equivalent to the strict regularities of a Minimalist grid or an Op Art design. In short, no rigidity. These are pictures of flow, of current and cross-current. Their rhythms are liquid, which is to say: the moment a rhythm begins, it reaches beyond itself. To see...
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Painting water
This  movie shows the steps involved in bringing water to life on the canvas.

Article 31: Take Action

Everyone has the right to clean and accessible water, adequate for the health and well-being of the individual and family, and no one shall be deprived of such access or quality of water due to individual economic circumstance.


Please join us. Water is a right, not a privilege.
Sign the petition to adopt Article 31:


About the Artist
Fredericka Foster and her Work
 F R E D E R I C K A   F O S T E R

B.A. in Art, University of Washington  1972
Factory of Visual Arts, 1972-3
Inquiries: the artist or


2013    Water Way   Fischbach Gallery, New York April 25-May 25
2009    Waterway,   Fischbach Gallery, New York Oct. 15 – Nov 14
2006    Waterway,   Fischbach Gallery, New York Nov 16-Dec 16
2004    Water Way, Fischbach Gallery, New York Feb 12- March 13
2002    Water Way, Fischbach Gallery, New York March 21-April 20th
1999    From the Ground Up, “Quiet House”, Invitational installation, Duvall, WA, August
1996    Deus/Virus: Transforming the Protease, Riverrun Gallery, Lambertville, NJ, April-May    Transforming the HIV Protease, The Norbert Considine Gallery at Stuart Country     Day School, Princeton, NJ, Sept.-Oct.    


2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004  Fischbach Gallery, NYC

2012    Value of Water, Cathedral St. John the Divine, NYC 9-22-11-3-25-12

2008    Written on the Wind, Rubin Museum of Art, NYC, Sept. 07-Feb. 08     Places, Jim Kempner Fine Art, NY, NY May-June 2008

2004    les Fables de la Fontaine, The Meyerhoff Gallery, The Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Jan-Mar     The Flag Project, (String #5) Rubin Museum, NY, NY - ongoing   

2003       Fables: The Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, March-April    Well heeled, Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA  Oct-Nov

2002    Mind/Body, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lawrenceville, NJ, April:  Kate Somers, Curator    les Fables de la Fontaine,  Temple University Rome, Italy Nov and         Cenre pour L’art et la Culture, Aix-en-provence, France April 12-28

2001    Turtle Times, Studio D’Ars, Milan, Italy, May-July

2000      Painting 2000, Bumberbiennial, Seattle, WA, curator Matthew Kangas, Sept.    Mary Mary,  Seattle Undergound Film Festival, October

1999    Gail Chase and Fredericka Foster Shapiro, SOHO 20, New York, New York, July    The Wedding, The Limelight, New York City, March COLLECTIONS    Artsbridge and the Lambertville Chamber of Commerce Commerce Bancshares Comcast Corporation

Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY
General Electric
Merck and Company
Microsoft Corporation
Morgan Stanley

Fredericka Foster

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Global Water Issues

Launch of New Sensor Device on Hudson Set to “Wire” River for Cleaner Water

Beacon Institute

BEACON, NY (10/9/14)—The REON II device or “Sonde,” deployed October 6th on the banks of the Hudson River in New Hamburg, NY is providing real-time data called for by scientists to better understand the complex relationship between humans, the built environment and our fragile waterways. It...
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Don’t Drink and Drill! - Anti-Fracking Campaign

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

Don’t Drink and Drill! is a subway ad campaign that can be seen all over NYC subway stations, commissioned by the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS), to inform New York City against the danger of hydraulic fracturing.  This infographic is part of...
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Toxic Water: Across Much of China

Circle of Blue

By Nadya Ivanova - Circle of Blue JINAN, Shandong — The horizon gleams with a golden hue from the wheat fields that spread in all directions here in Shandong, a prime food-growing province on the lower reaches of the Yellow River. As hundreds of farmers spread the wheat like massive carpets to...
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